Murray State vS. Louisville Football

Murray State vS. Louisville live stream. Murray State vs. Louisville game preview

Murray State vS. Louisville Live stream


For the 2nd Saturday in a row, we are looking for a big victory to help us forget something that happened in the previous 7 days. I don’t think it would be reasonable to expect this football team to take on the pressure of bright lights just days after this week’s news and come out flying. I’m not sure if we’ll see a 70 point win, though we sure could use it. But I am sure that this is the one match-up I’d have picked on this season’s schedule to follow that news. Murray State is 1-3 with their solitary victory coming against Kentucky Weslyan. They haven’t exactly looked great in their 3 losses either. This should be a much needed fun Saturday afternoon.

Well this is simple and shouldn’t need saying, but we had turnover problems to the quantity of 4 a week ago against Kent State that kept the Cards from really opening up the flood gates. Don’t turn the ball over this week and we’re going to hear lots of that horn. In the Racers’ one win, they nabbed 4 interceptions, and the Missouri State team that only just beat them threw 2 picks, so don’t think they’re just going to let Louisville have toss the ball around freely.

Murray State’s major offensive weakness isn’t really the uncertainty of the QB battle – both options are actually fairly talented and offer different skillsets. The real weakness is that neither one of them have adequate protection to throw or room to run. I’ve seen others comment in the lead up to this game that you can’t find any game tape on Murray State that isn’t full of sacks by the opposing team. Seems like a nice opportunity to flex our muscles and keep that streak going for them.