Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, North Carolina Live

Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, North Carolina Live stream. Go behind the scenes at Bank of America Stadium with the expert

Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, North Carolina Live stream


The stadium holds 74,419 seats, each with its own cup holder. The team locker room is off limits, but in the Top Cats locker room, you can see the ladies’ uniforms and prep area. The Panthers logo is everywhere. Owner, Jerry Richardson, designed it that way. He said, ‘You know, we need to make sure that when a fan sees this panther, he or she realizes we’re two states, one team,” Claiborne said. “That is exactly what this panther is. It’s the state of South Carolina on top of North Carolina. When the stadium was being built, he (Richardson) sent dump trucks to all 146 counties, picked up dirt from every one of those counties in both states, and that is what they poured the field with, so we’re always playing on Carolina soil.

You can also tour the club seats and suites, the national broadcast booth where the network announcers sit, and the press box, usually filled with 200 reporters. Hugh McColl retired as a banker 16 years ago, but he still has a corner office about two-thirds of the way up the Bank of America Corporate Center, on the 41st floor. McColl built this building when he was CEO, and he will tell you so. He’ll tell you that he was born without fear, and that the Marines cemented that fearlessness.

The privacy fences around the Carolina Panthers practice field are no match for McColl and his binoculars, which he calls his field glasses. After he watches a few plays, McColl shifts his gaze to the place where the Panthers play their home games: Bank of America Stadium. “I put that there,” he says. “There’s no question who put that there.