Cardinals vS. Colts Football

Cardinals vS. Colts live stream. Cardinals vs. Colts: Preview, score prediction for Week 2, Colts vs. Cardinals: What to watch for Sunday

  Cardinals vS. Colts Live stream


The Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts have a special relationship. Not one the casual fan would know. After all, the two franchises have only played each other 16 times, just twice in the past 11 years. It has nothing to do with bad blood on the field, just good relationships on the sidelines. Welcome to Indy, Jacoby Brissett. On his 15th day in town, the former New England Patriot must pull his head out of the playbook, step behind center Deyshawn Bond and breathe life not only into the Colts’ offense but the entire franchise.

The Cardinals’ offense might go into this game with wide eyes after watching the Los Angeles Rams batter the Colts for 46 points in Week 1. Given Carson Palmer’s issues in Detroit, especially with spotting the open man and throwing a handful of passes in the dirt, it probably would behoove the Cardinals to shift to a quicker passing attack with shorter, underneath throws and a variety of screen plays to receivers, running backs and tight ends.

Fast forward to today and the two continue to roam the sidelines leading their respective teams. Arians is coaching his first game in Indianapolis since his departure following the 2012 season. And it could be his last; his seat, along with Pagano’s, is feeling a little bit warmer after losses in Week 1.