MLB Playoffs 2017 Live

MLB Playoffs 2017 Live stream. MLB Playoffs 2017: Ranking the 25 potential World Series matchups


With the board all set, it’s time to predict how the pieces will move in the 2017 Major League Baseball postseason. The first moves will be made Tuesday in the American League Wild Card Game and Wednesday in the National League Wild Card Game. After that, it’s on to the Division Series, the League Championship Series and, finally, the World Series.

Baseball’s regular season came to an end Sunday night, and Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium, the 2017 postseason will begin with the AL Wild Card Game. The NL Wild Card Game will be played Wednesday, then the ALDS and NLDS will begin Thursday and Friday, respectively. Here is the full postseason schedule.

Now that the postseason field has been finalized, we can look ahead and figure out which potential World Series matchups are most intriguing. There are 25 of them. Some are interesting because the current rosters are so exciting. Others are interesting because the two teams have World Series history. And several have a little of both.

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