Saints vS Dolphins live

Saints vS Dolphins live stream. Saints vs. Dolphins in London: Picks, how to watch and stream game on NFL Sunday, Saints vs. Dolphins: Preview, score prediction for Week 4

  Saints vS Dolphins Live stream


We can effectively say that this is not a must-win game anymore. It is very much a “you probably would like to win this” game, however, with the Saints and Dolphins both overcorrecting in Week 3 to change our opinions of them early in this 2017 season. The Saints looked ready to pack it in for the season and perhaps end up worse than the 7-9 record we’ve come to know from Drew Brees and Sean Payton the last few years. They showed serious life in Charlotte and gave new hope to a bounceback season.

The Dolphins have yet to have a home game on the season, and while Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints is their first on the calendar, it’s anything but a true home game. Traveling across an ocean is the last thing the Dolphins need right now after already having traveled to Los Angeles and New York City, respectively. Complaining about circumstances doesn’t change anything, though.

The Dolphins dealt with a natural disaster and still took care of business in Los Angeles, spoiling the Chargers’ home debut. They were going to steamroll the terrible Jets, and then the Jets … steamrolled the Dolphins? That actually happened.

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