Rams vS. Cowboys Live

Rams vS. Cowboys Live stream. Rams vs. Cowboys: Updated odds, over/under for Week 4, Rams vs. Cowboys Point Spread: NFL Week 4 Odds, Prediction

  Rams vS. Cowboys Live stream


As surprising as it sounds, the Rams-Cowboys game on Sunday is sure to be one of the best of the weekend. Vegas didn’t seem to think so when the line first came out on Monday, but it’s changed a great deal since then. The Cowboys offense took a while to come around but once Dak Prescott started using his athleticism they were hard to stop. There will be some familiar faces on the Los Angeles sideline when the Rams come to town Sunday, but none more so than former head coach Wade Phillips. “It’s showing in our play and our offensive play.

The spread opened with the Cowboys being 9.5-point favorites at home against Los Angeles. That was before Dallas beat the Cardinals handily, which would have seemed to keep the line where it was. However, in the past few days, it’s dropped to a 6.5-point spread in favor of the Cowboys, according to Vegas Insider.

That’s a huge change over the course of the week, especially considering not much is different now than it was at the beginning of the week. Sure, the Rams are getting healthier – Tavon Austin and Sammy Watkins will play – and Sean Lee still hasn’t practiced, but those players shouldn’t be enough to shift the line 3.5 points.

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