Valdez vs Servania fight Live

Valdez vs Servania fight Live stream. Valdez vs Servania, Ramirez vs Hart: Fight preview and matchup, Oscar Valdez vs. Genesis Servania – Official weights

 Valdez vs Servania fight Live


Marriaga hurt Valdez a couple of times in the fight with big shots. Even when Marriaga wasn’t staggering Valdez, he was hitting him very hard. Marriaga forced Valdez to take a lot of punishment in that fight to earn his win. We’ll need to see how the punishment that Valdez took affects him, because it’s been only 5 months since that grueling fight. The one thing that Valdez has going for him against Servania is he’s not a big puncher. He doesn’t pack the kind of power needed for him to hurt Valdez, but he does have some pop in his punches, and he’s very fast.

Valdez, a former Olympian for Mexico, is one of boxing’s most exciting younger stars. He’s also one of its paperest of paper champions. That’s not a knock on him, that’s a knock on boxing’s politics. When Vasyl Lomachenko vacated the WBO featherweight title, Top Rank got a chance to get Valdez into that mix, and managed to secure a vacant title fight against Matias Rueda. On paper, Rueda was unbeaten and powerful, as the Argentine came in with a record of 26-0, 23 wins by knockout.

It’s Valdez’s desire to go for knockouts is what makes him exciting to watch, but it also makes him vulnerable to getting hurt. Marriaga took advantage of Valdez’s tendency to want to slug by hurting him with some of his own big shots. Marriaga had no problems whatsoever in finding Valdez in their fight last April. Valdez was just lucky that Marriaga was so limited. If he had a little more boxing ability he might have won the fight.

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