South Florida vs Illinois Football

South Florida vs Illinois Football, live stream. Behind Enemy Lines: South Florida Bulls, Behind Enemy Lines: South Florida Bulls

  South Florida vs Illinois Live stream


Illinois (2-0) will finish up its non-conference schedule by taking a trip down to Tampa, Florida, to play No. 22 South Florida (2-0). Collin Sherwin is the site manager for The Daily Stampede, and he joined us this week to answer our questions about the Bulls. Considering what they lost, it was as good as USF could do as a replacement. The national sense that Strong didn’t get a fair shake at Texas certainly played a role in that excitement.

He’s still likely a very good football coach, and considering Taggart’s buyout paid for the first two years of Strong, it was the best that could be expected. Each week throughout the college season we will break down a few college football games providing highlights and profiles of a few notable draft-eligible prospects you should pay attention to. This will help people build a list of names to know when we get into the offseason.

One prospect in particular to keep an eye on is CB Ahmari Hayes, No. 27. At 6-foot-3, 200 pounds, the former high school rugby and track and field athlete provides the ideal length and size the 49ers’ defensive scheme prefer for their cornerbacks. Hayes excels as a press man corner with a physical presence. He has good range and speed and takes full advantage of his size and length to win contested match-ups.

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